Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LDS Apostles and Prophet Thomas S. Monson Homes..

These signs were throughout every apostle's home that I took...I called them and they were very upset...It's the Church Security..Interesting..?

Thomas S. Monson, the Prophet of the LDS Home..  4125 CARTER CIR SALT LAKE CITY, UT. This still is his home..I heard that he doesn't live here that much now since he's been the prophet..I believe he lives in a condo that's owned by the LDS church near the LDS temple.This home has a large back yard..but quite humble.

This is Henry B. Erying Home in Bountiful...HENRY B EYRING   1977 CHOKECHERRY DR    BOUNTIFUL, UT  84010  

Neil L. Andersen  2608 FAIRWAY Circle   BOUNTIFUL, UT  84010. There were two workers taking care of his yard..I asked them if they worked for the LDS Church and one of them said yes...Interesting? So this is where tithing also goes? This home is in a beautiful area with homes in the $800-1 million dollar range..